All Hallows Eve

It is Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, and it is the night when traditionally thinking, the dead walk the earth, hoping for intercession by the Saints, in order to pass beyond the Veil into their Reward.


On this, the darkest of nights
as those unliving forms
slither mewling from sundered graves,
casting off the shrouds
that clung to corpse-flesh,
the midnight moon
glides past uncaring,
offering its wan light
to horrors and victims alike.

Look past the re-awakening
dead, the grotesque
and unclean things that slink
through chill night air.
Seek not the faces
of loved ones past
in the death-masks
of rotting monsters,
fresh from their tomb,
for therein lies madness
and the pain of truth.

What spell has brought forth
these darkling dead?
What moldering magic
brings long forgotten
souls back from beyond
to walk the misted fens
of mottled dark?
The magic of faith,
hope in the intercession
of saints to break
chains of purgatory,
releasing bound spirits
to pass to their reward,
in the pursuit of peace,
the sweet release
of finality.

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