Under Cardiac Arrest


He had lived a long and storied life
He’d amassed a pile of wealth
Currently on his fourth young wife
Of course he neglected his health.

Doctors told him it was time
For them to do what Nature can’t
Restore to him some health sublime -
They offered him a heart transplant.

He hemmed and hawed, changed his mind
Then changed it back again
He knew that he had wined and dined
More than any ten young men.

He’d had his fun, his kids were grown
He had done all that he wanted to try
Partied hard, his oats were sown
Maybe he was ready to die.

But life was sweet, he knew for sure
That it had to better than dying
A new ticker would certainly ensure
That he could continue trying.

The doctors were ready, the nurses were kind
His history was described on his chart
But before they could cut he changed his mind
You could say he had a change of heart!

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