Risks of the Heart

I don't care if this sounds corny or melodramatic, I love my wife like a crazy person (the only way I know how) and this morning I brought her her in for heart surgery.

It was not surgery on the heart itself, but it intrinsically involved that most precious organ, so the multitude of risks had me eating at my own gut for the past two weeks. I am thrilled and relieved to say that she came through the surgery fine.

And in looking for a piece to celebrate with, I came across this one, Risks of the Heart, written, of course, for Susan and what we both work so hard to enjoy. The obvious pull at the emotional puppet-strings inherent in the title - plus the message of the poem itself - made me cry, alone in my apartment, after dropping off my mother-in-law, and winding down from a very emotional day. So there, the big bad boy bawled.

Anyway, in celebration of my wife's continued good health, and in frank realization I need her more than ever, I offer this poem to you all.


Two souls banter, parry and chase
Seeking that joyful melding embrace
Becoming one through interface
In which one’s flaws evolve as Grace
As part of the total human race
And joy can loneliness replace.

One heart to another can only beguile
To sit and spend a little while
And share a kiss, a touch, a smile,
Or other pastimes thought worthwhile.
More a matter of personal style
To flex a heart in twists versatile.

Although through risk, a broken heart cries
Still given the chance, it sings and flies
Through clear and cloudless blue skies
Past one and a hundred futile tries
Of sweet hellos and bitter goodbyes
To fall upon soft adoration’s surprise.

We all try and fail, to some degree
Our hearts are cluttered with Love’s debris,
Since Cupid offers no guarantee
To make of our Romance a jubilee.
Though Love be sweet know this of me,
No love sweet, but honestly.

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