Those Delicious Words

Ah,those words, those delicious words.

You know the ones I mean, the ones that make your heart go pitter pat, the ones that turn your knees to icewater and your mind to mush.

Those three delicious words, spoken from the right set of lips, is enough to quell the fieriest inferno, and ignite the smallest spark into a blaze.


I pray you
Say those delicious words
Before the sun awakens
To its business.

Speak those words
I long to hear
Before my heart
Scolds the gallant moon
For conversing
With cold stars
While Love itself
Strolled by.

Whisper your heart
Into mine,
Do not miss this opportunity
To enlist
Two souls to joy.

Pity for what once was placed me
At the window
And dared a peek within myself
Where suspicion was born.
I regret the day
The composer
Stepped into fire,
For flames did not consume.

I fit inside you
The way silence
Fits into a maidenhair fern
At dusk.

Yet soiled purity
Is pure no more,
And angels cannot dance
On broken glass.

Truth is a braided river
With no safe crossing
And a mouth
That bites.

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