I Must Have Loved You Before

There are those who hold to the notion that we keep meeting up with the same souls that we have known in past lives, that we circle round and round with those we have loved already - as mother, or father, siblings or spouses, children and bosom companions; each of us being reborn into a different form, but with the same golden light shining from our eyes.

To some extent, this makes perfect senses, at least to a poet. How else to explain the instant glimmer of recognition that we feel when we meet particular folks?

My wife is just such a person in my life. From the first moment we met, we have been as thick as thieves, best friends, and in her eyes I see complete acceptance. We had to have known each other before.

I Must Have Loved You Before

As we go through our lives in separate ways
Distant, apart – or so it sometimes seems
Our together nights punctuated by days
I keep you held closely in my fevered dreams.

I must have loved you like this in the past
In lives that unfolded before this one.
Feelings this deep, this wide, this vast
Must have their source in centuries done.

You fit neatly into the hollow of my heart’s core
Softening my edges with Love’s gentle blur
So you must have lived in my soul before
Us two locked in passion as we were.

In pillow talk my soul is laid bare
Revealing all to your gentle touch.
No other soul has ever gotten there
Or charmed me into revealing so much.

Our every step a dance of harmony
A knowing waltz that feels so right
I sometimes cannot separate you from me
In the darkest hours of the coldest night.

When first we met, I did not stand a chance,
I fell headlong into your soft eyes
My heart knew yours and in my chest did dance,
I was stripped of all artifice and disguise.

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