Love's Second Chance

I'm all about second chances these days.

Getting laid off, in this economy, my mind seems to gravitate back to the childish concept of 'do-over', but I cannot escape the feeling that things would not be so very different, even if I could go back.

One place where I got a second chance, and had great success, was romantically.

My first marriage was SUCH a mistake, but on the upside, it prepared me to be the man I am today, for which my second wife will be eternally grateful.

But the transition, the road from there to her, was pretty bleak indeed. Which brings me to today's piece.


My last meal was vitriol and nightmare
washed down with rum,
seasoned with regret.
I was weak enough to start a fight
and strong enough
not to finish it.

Walking towards something
I could neither see nor understand,
willing each step over every crack
arguing with my destination,
I drank deeply
of the perfumed poison of denial.

I passed naked trees, dressed in suicide,
over jagged stones of murder,
renegade soul grenades
exploding my misconceptions
into little scattered bits.

Until chance happened to grace me
with a balm to my soul,
one who would neither disgrace me,
nor rend my spirit to tatters.
A new spirit walked through my life,
one awash in laughter, whimsy and music,
saw the ragged man I was,
and the man I could become, with her help.

My life I would give
to lay down in the valley of her neck,
to be lulled by the angelic thrum
her heart calls to mine,
drifting into a soft sheet coma
gifting her with my ghost.

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