A Game Without a Name

Ah, nothing like a dismal, snowy Monday to make a guy think about ... sex.

Seriously, on days like this my mind tends to wander down carnal paths, the desire to stay inside and hole up away from a cold and blustery world easily mastering my desire to get up, get out, and get things done.

On days like this all I want to do is roll over, clasp my warm and willing wife even closer to myself and get lost in the myriad ways we love to love each other.

But alas, such is not to be, the mundane world intrudes upon our need for sexual solace, and we are forced to be responsible adults, despite out best and most giggle-filled intentions.

Instead allow me to share with you all a playful look at the sexual games that go between consenting and creative adults.


Let us play a nameless game,
a shameless game.
Shall we say the prize is the ecstasy
of flesh, and sin, and joy,
a carnal carnival.
Suppose you move and do
as I move and do,
our actions holding us as close as may be
while leaving us unchained.

I want to make you shiver -
a leaf in an autumnal moment -
poised between life and death. 
I will have your taste in my mouth,
your heft in my hands,
your texture along my saliva-slick fingers.

Your eyes stroke the floor,
not from modesty, but
as an act of kindness,
for if your eyes touch mine
I will be ensnared.

Let us play a nameless game,
a blameless game.
Strip free of your inhibitions
leaving them piled carelessly
on the floor
next to the clothes you are not wearing.

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