Lexical Bagatelle


As a child, I would ring doorbells
and run off,
leaving tracks of potential.
Reciting poetry,
delighted in my ability
to mystify.

School meant diverse
conundrums to solve,
things to prove.
Different ways to
be an enigma.
And I mastered every one.

I failed as a bartender
because I would not
learn the meaning
of water down the wine.
It was an Arcanum of spirits.

Gardening was never meant to be.
I argued with the weeds
and snakes
that choked my flower friends
to death
Damn them.
The flowers, not the weeds.

But words
have never failed me,
never ignored me,
never misunderstood me,
like I have
done to them.

I unravel colluquies,
dance with etymon,
peer inside semanteme
to find the moist pearl within.

And then I throw them away.

Let there be more
to eternity
than day, night, repeat,
into infinity.

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