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Sunday, January 29, 2017

My God


Protestants pray for grace,
Scientists look to space.
Jews find truth in the Torah,
New Agers, in each other's aura.

Catholics are blessed by a Pope,
Yaquis enlightened by dope.
Maoris use ritual chants,
Navahos get up and dance.

Muslims bow daily to Allah,
Norsemen aspire to Valhalla.
Feminists swear by a She,
Quakers swear not, silently.

Confucians kowtow to ancestors,
Hare Krishnas, to airport investors.
Hindus revere Lord Brahma,
Richard Gere, the Dalai Lama.

Baptists believe in the Ark,
Physicists, in the quark.
Moonies obey Reverend Sun,
Mormons say Brigham's the one.

Daoists extol yang and yin,
Sufis transcend in a spin.
Shintos seek peace where it's grassy,
Rastas, in Haile Selassie.

When we meet in the Afterlife,
We can laugh at sectarian strife.
But meanwhile back to the wars,
'Cause my God's better than yours.

©2017 Christopher Reilley I would love to know what you thought about this piece.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Football is Chess Played With Rhinos

"Nothing mysterious about football. It's just chess played with rhinos." - Charles Coe

Football is Chess Played With Rhinos

Position is everything, yet it is raw power that is appreciated.
Specialists prove their worth to the herd, moving as only they can,
despite being both massive specimens and heavily, clumsily plated.
As leader I know my crews position, down to the very last man
my continued dominance requires each of them for my own protection.
I need some to obstruct, some to chase down, and some to keep me secure.
Of course I need some to advance my plans in the desired direction,
and at times sacrifices must be made, in order to victory ensure.

We labor to keep you out of our space, while working to invade your own,
our progress made with both feint and brutish open aggression.
After I have won and ascended to a mighty and most precarious throne,
my life has now become obsessed with my continued possession.
Crash, tumble, square off and repeat, my forces throw themselves at yours,
knights outrunning, slipping past your defenses, finding the right position,
bishops defining both the method and eventual temper of our wars.
Victory usually is assured to the side with the superior tactician.

©2017 Christopher Reilley

I would love to know what you thought about this piece. Please consider leaving a comment.