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Digital Poetry Needs a Key

Digital Poetry Needs a Key When the muse is flogging you to write, and ideas flow faster than your typing fight – you are at one with the keyboard. If you’ve gutted yourself to make truth ring, and crafted just the right phrase to make it sing, then blister for your craft with every keystroke. Paperless poetry lives in a binary clutch, brought to you by spiders and such, when your heart has entered the right keyword. Sing language as you type, despite your tears, frame your magic so it lasts for years, placing your point as the arch keystone. The world needs poets, to keep the love dance. Only they can scribble life’s magnificence, stooped over peering through the keyhole. ------------- This poem is a Compound Word Verse , prompted by the compounded and complex folks over at DVerse. ©2021 Christopher Reilley  I would love to know what you thought about this piece.  Please consider leaving a comment.

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