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Thoughtlets on a Winter Workday

Thoughtlets on a Winter Workday 1. We've had  brighter days,  but never  have we seen  blacker nights,  somewhere between  the Devil's bollocks  and a producer's heart. 2.  Her kiss was cold,  loveless,  and as sterile  as the surface of the moon.  How then  could she  pull at the tides  within him? 3. It wasn't always  like this,  in a day and age  before this one,  Truth  did not have to cheat  in order  to triumph. 4. We trod  on the sins  and sacrifices  of the last generation,  so we must  carry the weight  of the next,  and hold them high.  5. We know  the holidays  are here  when our eyes  hunt for mistletoe  the way  a celebrity  hunts for a camera. 6. It is true  that love  is fleeting,  but the stains  it leaves behind  can only  be bleached away  by time  and tears. This fragmented look inside my head was prompted by those solidly-glued folks over at DVerse . ©2021 Christopher Reilley  I would love to know what you thought about this piece.  Please consider l

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