100 Thousand Poets for Change

I'm a bad blogger.

I mean, I make no claims to great skill, or wise words, but I do OK when I actually sit down and write something. But it has been a long time, and the nature of a blog is fresh as bread, at least in the digital world. So here is my blog - hard, dry & stale.

And I don't mean to suggest that I have not been writing, just not writing here. So mea culpa, I've been busy, let's get back to it shall we?

Last weekend I was honored to host Dedham's participation in 100 Thousand Poets for Change, a worldwide event that now includes musicians, jugglers and street performers in over 113 countries, more than 1300 events on the same day to spark awareness of Change, how to accomplish it, survive it, generate it and use it. Change was the theme and I am very proud to have taken part.

The reading was terrific, we had seven tremendously gifted local (OK, semi-local) poets, whose individual readings I'll discuss in future posts, a wildly diverse bunch. We held the event at the fabulous new home of DedhamTV, so of course it was filmed in high-def. The studio is several times larger than the previous space, and used to be a professional video company, so is already tricked out and arranged as a studio.

The only downer was that since the move was so fresh, not all the technical elements were completed and we were not able to simulcast. But the upside to that was that we shot it like a remote, saved a lot of data, and edited it into a sweet DVD, which the station will begin running this weekend.

Of course, if you would like to purchase a copy of the DVD, you can send $15 via PayPal to c.reilley@usa.com.

The poets that shared with us were:

Robin Stratton
Tom Pelto
Jennifer Jean
Dan Hudon
Tom Yuill
Jennifer Martelli
Anastasia Isabella

They did a terrific job, and I'll be sharing more of their work as we go.

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