Always With Me

You know, being a poet in this digital age means that not only can you disseminate your works to a LOT more people than Longfellow or Frost ever dreamed of in their lifetimes, but you can also be part of the larger poet community with ease.

There are sites for talking about poetry, learning about poetry, poetry forums, poetry workshops, and even sites that provide you with prompts to build poems from. Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook instantly plug you into the larger community of poets at large.

One such site is One Stop Poetry. Now, I love this site, and One Shot Wednesday is something I look forward to all week. I love the chance to read a LOT of new poems in one sitting, and of course, I contribute as much as I can. But on Fridays, they have a cool exercise where they provide a music clip, such as the one above, Joe Satriani's Always with Me, Always With You, and ask that you use it to inspire a piece.

Which, if you are reading this, you know that I have done so, for my third week entry for PoetResolution.

So watch the video, and then read the poem that it inspired.


The wind raises its swift, silent voice
sweeping away my many protestations.
You have left me and left me no other choice
and refused all of my demonstrations.

Stones on the floor of the ocean may sleep
without remorse, or regret, or sorrow,
But I have promises to try to honor and keep
and they will not wait for tomorrow.

You changed my world when you entered my heart
filling in all the chambers of my soul.
Though you have chosen to live far from me, apart
Your gift has made me solid and whole.

I carry you inside me, never to be lost,
knowing that someday you will return.
I will pay any price, suffer any cost
as long as Love’s candle still burns.

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